Scalextric Skyfall C1309

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Space Required: 210 x 140cm
Track Length: 532cm
The first of the Fast and The Furious movie franchise hit cinema screens around the globe in 2001. Six movies later, the Fast and The Furious has become one of the most recognizable vehicle-based action series of all time.

The high-octane action movies, centered on illegal street racing and starring Vin Diesel, follows the lives of a group of like-minded petrol heads on the wrong side of the law.

This set pairs two of the most iconic vehicles from Fast and The Furious; the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger, on an extended figure-of-eight circuit featuring side swipe, leap and crossover sections!

The ramps and chicane can change position to set up a different challenge. Create your own exciting chases scenes using the gravity defying flying leap. Two hand controllers and power supply included


x1 Power & Control Base
x2 Cars 1:32
x2 Scalextric Hand Controller C8229
x2 Side Swipe Straights C8246
x1 Straight Crossover C8210
x1 Leap Ramps C8211
x1 Transformer 12V