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Bachmann 34-328 Coach Blue OO Scale

3,600.00 4,200.00 Includes GST

R171 Hornby Home Signal

1,400.00 Includes GST

HO Scale Preiser 14104 Passengers

2,500.00 Includes GST

HO Scale WAG-9 in Brass- Static Model

17,700.00 Includes GST

HO SceneMaster Seated People Set

1,800.00 Includes GST

PIKO HO/OO Flexible Track 940mm (5 Pack)

4,985.00 5,500.00 Includes GST

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Atlas 822 6 inch Code 100 Track (4 Pieces)

990.00 1,100.00 Includes GST

PECO PL-11 Turnout Motor For PECO Points

1,600.00 1,900.00 Includes GST

G Scale PIKO Steam Locomotive Wheel Clips (4 Pack)

450.00 550.00 Includes GST

HO/OO Track Floodlight Tower

950.00 1,200.00 Includes GST

HO Scale NOCH 15750 Shepherd and Sheep

2,500.00 Includes GST

R8241 Hornby Digital Power Track OO/HO 6″

450.00 500.00 Includes GST

Indian BRNA Flat Car (HO)

1,400.00 1,800.00 Includes GST

Dual Shaft Motor 5Pole for HO/OO/ with Dual Flywheels

1,200.00 1,400.00 Includes GST

LIMA Set of 4 Long Coaches (Pre-owned)

18,000.00 25,000.00 Includes GST

FLEISCHMANN Set of 2 Oil Tankers (Pre-owned)

2,800.00 4,000.00 Includes GST

WDM Bogie for HO 1:87 Scale Display models (Set of 2)

950.00 1,300.00 Includes GST

HO/ Scale Utility Poles Life Like Brand 12 Pieces

900.00 1,200.00 Includes GST

Model Power N Scale Building Kit Post Office & Bank

4,325.00 5,000.00 Includes GST

HO/ OO Scale Railway 2 Aspect Signal (Working)

1,000.00 1,200.00 Includes GST