1. Which Scales are popular in India?

Ans: By popularity HO ,OO,N and very few of Z and T scale. G Scale is popular in Restaurants and used in serving of Food.

2. Are these Model Trains suitable for kids?

Ans: No. The Model Trains are not Toys. They operate on a low electric current and are not Battery operated, These Models have very small fitted parts which can be harmful for small kids. The Model Trains are suitable for age 14 and above; however small kids can use them under adult supervision.

3. What are the different scales available in Model Railway Scales

Ans: For comprehensive information please refer to the following page Scales FAQ.

4. Why are prices for Model Trainshttp://HSN CODE 9503 Duty calculator high in India?


  • Import/Custom Duties on Scale Models have gone up by 200 % from the year 2020; In addition to the Duties , Indian Government levies 18% GST and other miscellaneous charges . This results in a very high Import cost. Yo can use this link to calculate the customs duty on HSN Code 9503 which is for Scale Models of any type. Custom duty calculator  The Custom duty shown at the bottom of the calculation (B+C+D+E+F) is custom duty amount you need to pay over and above your product price. Please include shipping cost in the calculation. So now, the cost of import is more than cost of the product.

  • Due to very low Popularity of this Hobby in India , no major brand gives significant discounts to Indian Importers.

  • Basic cost of the product itself in international market is high which increases the downstream cost.

5. Is their a Warranty available on these products?

Ans: No local Warranties are provided . Warranty can be claimed directly from the manufacturers. Wherever applicable, please fill -in your warranty card and send it to the manufacturer or register it online. Before Shipping , we fully Test the models for proper functioning. Typically, Warranty covers only manufacturing defects and does not cover damage due to to mishandling of the product.


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