My Collection and Work

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My first HO Scale Bigboy 4-8-8-4 which I purchased second hand. Then upgraded to smoke and sound. Since then, had opportunity of repairing many Bigboy locos for my clients

2 Athearns Gas Turbine ( Union Pacific. Purchased this when I had travelled to the US. Later on, ordered a QSI sound decoder programmed specifically for gas turbine sound. dual speak, great sound.. cost me a lot.

Proto 2000 Limited Edition PA Loco HO Scale Wabash #1020 Locomotive. Picked up second hand and converted to a great sound locomotive. Though it has a dull colour scheme, for some reason I love this loco. Runs very smoothly

SD 45, got it for a bargain price, again a second hand. Excellent sound chip and light features

SD40-2 from Broadway Limited. Broadway makes excellent locos

As a 8 year old kid, had seen this locomotive in action in TT scale at my friends place. which close to a N scale. Fast forward 38 years later, I get hold of my own BR 118 from PIKO. fitted this with sound..

Pegasus Train set with 4-2-0 steam loco & tender & 3 historical passenger cars. Part of my early collection

My 1st second hand locomotive, had just got into the hobby and purchased this for Rs. 2000 in 2011. Since then I have upgraded this to DCC sound, Cab Lights, Ditch lights using fiber optics. looks great and still holding on to this.

Hudson Steam 4-8-4 with smoke and sound, again picked it up second hand. Love for steam locomotives started to grow

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